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Dean Pidgeon

Writer & Founder

Dean Pidgeon is a content creator for the business news website Honest News 24. He creates engaging content for the social media platforms used by Honest News 24. He covers a variety of business areas for Honest News 24, and writes articles covering topics on various business industries for people at various levels of expertise in those industries. He has experience in areas such as digital marketing, and social media management and is adept at creating content for a number of online platforms. He has a degree in computer science from MIT and a degree in journalism from Harvard as well.

Dean Pidgeon earned a degree in English language from Harvard University, he also has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Pennsylvania State University. He has an MBA from Havard Business School as well.

Email: dean.p@honestnews24.com

Phone: +1(734) 435-3964


Hashri Cassey

Sr. Author & Editor

Hashri Cassey is a blogger and a regular contributor to the Honest News 24. She also creates content for the politically oriented e-zine Blue and curates their online news catalogue. She covers political situations and movements from all around the world, and posts videos of himself and some regular panelists analysing the latest political events on his YouTube channel. An experienced digital marketer, she has experience in areas such as journalism, social media influencing, digital marketing, and communication. He has a degree in journalism from Harvard University and an MBA from Stanford Business School.

She has a degree in computer science from MIT and a degree in journalism from Harvard as well.

Email: hashri.c@honestnews24.com

Phone: +1(734) 435-1214


Andrew Kollmer


Andrew Kollmer teaches business management. His journey to management began in the 90’s when he had his first degree in computer science. After spending the early part of life as the head of technical support in various teams across the country, he took another step into management. He majored in business management from the University of Pennsylvania. He has a business column on the local newspaper where he shares his opinion on the local economy from time to time. He still contributes to tech forums and support groups, sharing his vast knowledge of computer operations. He is a keen follower of local politics and aspires to run for a political office someday. For now, he is fully committed to teaching.

Email: andrew.k@honestnews24.com

Phone: +1(862) 371-5916