Mitch McConnell Declares Russian Probe to be Over


On Tuesday Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell declared Russian Probe to finally be over despite the house democrats asking for more information.

McConnell said that the case is closed since nobody in Trump’s administration was found to have conspired with the Russians to influence the 2016 elections.

McConnell compared the Democrats complaints for the investigations to continue to the movie known as Groundhog movie where the protagonist says the same thing over and over again.

McConnell said that the investigation had gone on for two years and now it was finally over.

Charles Schumer Senate minority leader said that Republicans dragged their feet on the efforts to improve security in elections and instead tried to discourage the investigation of Trump for fear of what they would find out.

William Barr attorney general removed part of the reports which dealt with grand jury evidence Information from ongoing cases, intelligence information, and information which might intrude on the privacy of the people who are not charged.

However, house democrats include Nancy Pelosi, and D-Calif have insisted that Congress should receive the entire Report.

Democrats oppose that the Report talked about a potential conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government even though Mueller did not file charges in that area.

Barr concluded that Mueller’s Report did not show any case of obstruction of justice. President Trump said that the Report vindicated him.

If the department officials and lawmakers do not come up to a conclusion, the JC will hold a vote Wednesday on whether to hold Barr for contempt for failing to issue the entire Report.

Hashri Cassey

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