Stephen Semprevivo, who paid $400,000 for his son to be admitted in Georgetown, pleads guilty

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Stephen Semprevivo is the latest parent to plead guilty for paying $400,000 to get his son to be admitted into Georgetown University as a tennis recruit athlete in which is considered to be one of the biggest College admission scandal. Stephen, a Los Angeles Based executive pleaded guilty for the charges of honest services mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.

He is among 50 other parents who paid different amounts of cash ranging from $100,000 to $1.5 million to ensure their students are admitted in some of the prestigious institutions such as Yale, Georgetown, University of Southern California and many more.

William Rick Singer the man at the center of the scandal was paid lots of cash by wealthy parents and celebrities to help their children to be enrolled in some of the best colleges in America through a college athletic scholarship even though they were not an athlete.

14 of the 33 parents accused have pleaded guilty to the accusation and they are waiting for the courts to determine their fate. 19 other parents including actress Lori Laughlin are still fighting against the accusations in court.

According to Stephen Semprevivo, William Rick Singer sent a detailed email on what to email Gordon Ernst Georgetown University Tennis team coach about their son so that they could attain a spot for their son.

The prosecutor will recommend 18 months in prison for participating in the fraud for all the parents who pleaded guilty for being involved in the scam.

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