600 schools to be closed as Oregon teacher protest

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Over 600 schools in Oregon are expected to be closed as Teachers are planning protest to demand better working conditions in the USA. Raise of salaries is not on the list of demands as the teachers say they are frustrated with overcrowded students and lack of support staff in their institutions.

John Larson, High School English teacher and the president of the Oregon Education Association said that 45 percent of the reported classes have over 26 students and some even 50 plus students.

Oregon teachers are expected to take unpaid day offs to protest for the poor conditions in the schools in Oregon. The Protest will lead to over 600 schools to be closed within Oregon.

Demands by the teachers

Teachers are requesting the state to increase the number of school counselors in the schools, currently, Oregon has half of the number of School Counselors needed.

Increase in the number of Librarian in the schools, currently, there are only 158 librarians in the entire Oregon State.

There has been a shortage of school nurses; one nurse serves around 5,481 students which is four times less than the recommended number.

Inclusion of Music, Art and physical education which were cut off due to budget constraints.

Increased funding of the school supplies, teachers have found themselves spending their own cash to provide some of the necessities in class.

Sen. Rob Wagner, chair of the Senate education committee is optimistic that the Senate will pass the student success act to solve all the problems associated with the schools and teachers.

“The Student Success Act specifically raises revenue for schools, offering targeted investment grants for more mental health support, more after-school programs and much more,” Wagner said.

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