Try These 2 Stocks Which Will Give You Dividends Every Month


Dividend stocks are good for investors and especially those who want to live off their income that their portfolios make. But one disadvantage with dividend stocks is that they usually make dividend payments quarterly per year.

Given that most people have bills to pay every month you need to come up with a budget for the dividends to line up with your financial needs. As a result, monthly dividends have become increasingly popular. Today we’ll talk about two companies which you should invest in that make dividends payments every month.

Apple Hospitality REIT

If you want to make money while others are sleeping, then you should invest in Apple hospitality. Apple Hospitality gets its cash from travelers staying in hotels. The company invests in high-end hotels where vacationers and upscale clients go to relax and spend time there.

Apple hospitality also has some protection for tough times because when the budgets get stretched the people who stay in luxurious hotels tend to downgrade to the properties which the company operates. Currently, the REIT pays $0.10 per share every month.

Whitestone REIT

Whitestone REIT also invests in real estate, but it has a different kind of real estate than the one you will find in Apple hospitality REIT. Whitestone’s invests in properties they call neighborhood go to centers.

The properties offer a mixture of various business letting visitors connect and form a kind of community. Whitestone offers $0.095 per share of dividends every month. The pay-out has been consistent for the past nine years.

Andrew Kollmer

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