Treat Savings Like an Essential Part of Your Budget


There is this one expense which even the most disciplined budgeters tend to leave out, and that is savings. Savings is not an expense but if you chose to treat it that way it will be an expense.

Saving is Not Optional

If you ask any retired person, they will tell you that saving was worth it, in fact, most of them say that they wish they could have saved more.

But in the years before retirement, we usually treat savings like an ordinary thing. Most individuals do not put their savings in line with their budget. Many people use the money they get at the end of the money and forget to put it aside in a retirement account.

The only exception should be for people who have the 401(k)s accounts because this money goes elsewhere before it even reaches your checking account.

However, if you do not have a 401(k) plan or you are saving your money in other ways you can open up a savings account for some of your short term goals.

Make Savings a Priority

Regardless of the way you are budgeting your money you know the places where your money goes to. The secret is to allocate a certain amount of money for savings together with the other expenses.

Afterward, transfer that money into a savings account immediately after you have been handed your paycheck. Eventually, you will get into the habit of treating your savings in the same manner you treat the other expenses.

Andrew Kollmer

Andrew Kollmer teaches business management. His journey to management began in the 90’s when he had his first degree in computer science. After spending the early part of life as the head of technical support in various teams across the country, he took another step into management. He majored in business management from the University of Pennsylvania. He has a business column on the local newspaper where he shares his opinion on the local economy from time to time. He still contributes to tech forums and support groups, sharing his vast knowledge of computer operations. He is a keen follower of local politics and aspires to run for a political office someday. For now, he is fully committed to teaching.

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