Buttigieg Campaign Explains Its Vaccine Stand After Uproars

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Democratic presidential candidate Buttigieg campaign on Wednesday clarified their stand on vaccines.

Buttigieg clarified comments that indicated he was in support of medical exemptions on the grounds of personal beliefs and religious belief.

A Buttigieg spokesperson on Wednesday clarified the news to BuzzFeed news on Wednesday and said that Buttigieg thinks that only medical exemptions should be allowed. BuzzFeed had tried to reach out to the campaign for an article about what the 2020 presidential candidates thought about vaccinations due to an increase in measles cases which some claim is because of the many parents who chose not want to have their kids vaccinated against the disease.

BuzzFeed asked the democratic three questions: One, their thoughts about vaccines, two, whether they thought the vaccines were linked to autism and three if they were in support to an end to religious and personal exemptions.

Buttigieg’s spokesperson said that the exception included medical exemptions where the person is unsafe to get vaccinated and religious and personal exemptions when the state is sure that there is no public crisis.

The statement which clarified the mayors stand was sent to BuzzFeed after the article containing the previous statement was published.

The clarifying statement emphasized that there is no evidence which shows that vaccines are unsafe and that Buttigieg believes that young kids should be vaccinated to protect their health.

The statement also said that the mayor is aware that many states provide some exemptions, but he believes that only medical exemptions should be allowed.

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