Selena Gomez Designs a High Waist Bikini Which Hides Her Kidney Transplant Scar


Selena Gomez is getting all creative and putting her design skills into work.

Gomez who is 26 years foreshadowed the swimwear launch of one of her closest friends Theresa Mingus brand named the Krahs on Thursday. Gomez has three swimsuit designs.

One swimsuit design has a high waist feature something close to Gomez’s heart. In a YouTube video shop with Mingus announcing the launch, Gomez said that in one of the bikinis she designed one was designed with a high waist belt.

She went ahead to say that she once had a kidney transplant and that she likes to wear swimsuits which don’t reveal the scar because they make her feel comfortable.

In 2017 Gomez announced on Instagram that she had received a kidney transplant as part of the ongoing treatment she was receiving for lupus. She went ahead to explain that it was what she needed for her overall health.

In the Thursdays launch video, Mingus said that every woman desires to feel sexy, confident, beautiful and that she wants to have various pieces which can be worn.

The swimsuits have been designed with affordable prices ranging from $39.99- $69.99. Mingus asked Gomez to make three different swimwear named Selena x khras.

The three swimsuits consist of a Selena plunging one-piece top, Selena high waisted buttons and the Selena one piece.
The line will drop officially on Friday at 9:00 am.

Gomez also took the opportunity to than Mingus in the video for being with her during some of the hard times in her life.

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