Bill Cosby Latest Appeal to Get Out of Jail Turned Down Again

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An appeal court has denied Cosby the chance to get bail and be released from prison as he awaits his sexual assaults conviction.

Cosby`s lawyers had renewed a bail appeal last week in a Pennsylvania court. The lawyers argued that Cosby`s case was most likely to be upended due to mistakes made by the trial judge.

They also emphasized that Cosby was supposed to be released due to various reasons like age, health and not posing any danger to the community.

Last week Cosby released a statement accusing judge Steven O`Neill of harboring racial hatred against him. In another statement that was released on Monday Andrew Wyatt who is Bill Cosby`s spokesman said that the defense party is not shocked that the court denied Cosby the bail request.

Wyatt says that the latest filling was mainly purposed to show that the county judge had not yet given a post-trial response explaining important trial decision explaining why he sentenced Cosby to 3-10 years in prison and why he gave five other accusers the chance to testify during last year’s trial.

Cosby says that it is vital if he gets the opinion for him to file for an appeal.

However, the court administrator has not yet given a date when the judge will give his opinion.

Cosby is serving his term in a maximum prison in Pennsylvania after being convicted in April on three felony cases involving drugs and molesting a woman.

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