Winners and losers of the 2019 NFL Draft Pick

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The first day of the NFL draft is over with Arizona Cardinals selecting Oklahoma’s Kyler Muller as the first round pick as it was expected though there were lots of surprises and trades during the NFL Draft. It is still early to know which player will be a star or those who will flop. Since everyone had their expectations here are some of the winners and losers of the first round NFL Draft.

Winners: The Jaguars.

Selection of Kentucky Josh Allen as the Number 7 pick by the Jaguars can be considered to be the biggest winners of the first round NFL draft. Josh Allen was expected to be a top three draft due to his brilliant pass-rusher and all-around defensive ability.

Loser: the Giants

The reaction of the fans during the selection of Duke Quarterback Daniel Jones was a clear indication that the Giants had wasted their number six draft pick. The 6’5 duke player has no unique quality that makes him stand out as the first round NFL draft pick and don’t even think of top 10. Many believe this is the biggest draft mistakes in NFL history.

Winners: the Bills

Buffalo Bills seem to have learned a lesson after making a mistake by drafting Josh Allen at number 7 in 2018 and ending up as a flop, this year ED Oliver was selected as the No.9 pick. Oliver’s defensive ability and wonderful pass-rusher makes him the best suit for the team.

Loser: Josh Rosen.

The selection of Oklahoma’s Star Kyler Murray as the no.1 pick means that 2018 No.10 pick Josh Rosen will soon be leaving. The quarterback will not have a competitive position and minutes to play.

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