President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania to Visit Queen Elizabeth II During a State Visit


President Trump together with his wife Melania will be paying a visit to Queen Elizabeth 11 in the United Kingdom during a state visit.

The visit is part of a June trip to remember the 75th anniversary of the D-day. Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday that the president and his first lady had accepted the invitation from the queen.

The white house stated that the president’s visit would be a reaffirmation of the firm and special relationship between the united states and the United Kingdom.

Trump will also be participating in meetings together with the British prime minister Theresa May.

Trump and Melania will also be attending an event in Portsmouth to commemorate the D-Day which is 6th June 19994 which saw the landing of the allied force in France. Trump and Melania will afterward travel to Normandy in France on June 6th to remember the anniversary of the said date.

As of now Queen Elizabeth the 11 has met with all the 12 sitting United States president. The queen hosted state visits with Obama in May 2011 and with George W Bush in 2003.

In July 201 both Trump and Melania joined Queen Elizabeth for a cup of tea at the Windsor Castle. The visit included meeting the legal greeting performed by the guard of honor.

The meeting between the Trumps and the queen lasted for less than one hour. The 2018 trip which was requested by May was initially a state visit but was cut short because of the anti-trump fever in London.

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