Winners of the first quarter 2020 presidential fundraising report


As the race for the 2020 presidential elections gets closer, presidential candidates and their teams are working day and night to get enough funds for the camping period. The first quarters of the 2020 presidential fundraising are in. Although some of the experienced politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush may say that money is not everything, campaigns need lots of cash and therefore your fundraising really matters.

Here is how some of the presidential aspirants faired.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders seems to be using the same technique he used in 2016 where he majorly depended on the small donors. In the first quarter, Bernie Sanders easily raised $18.1 Million in which 8 percent was from the small donations i.e less than $200. Small donors’ total amount is nearly triple of other Democrats.

Kamala Harris

Sen. Kamala was able to raise $12 million placing her second after Bernie Sanders. She seems to have lots of support from the big donors i.e. $200 and above. Kumala fundraised $7.6 Million from the big donors.

Pete Buttigieg

Just a few months ago Pete Buttigieg was basically unknown, but after the first quarter fundraising filling it is now clear he is a contender. He was able to fundraise $7.1 million just behind Sanders, Harris, and Kumala.

Joe Bidden

The former vice president is not in a hurry to begin his fundraising as he opted to sit out in the first quarter of the fundraising. Joe Bidden has been leading the poles both in the primary states and nationally.

Donald Trump

The current president has been running his re-election campaign for the past two years making his one step ahead of the other contenders. As per now, he has been able to raise $39 million for the first quarter filing.

Hashri Cassey

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