An Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting Your Own Business: Insurance Sales


Whether you are protecting your vehicle, health, life or possessions, we all need insurance in one way or the other.
Pursuing a career in insurance can lead to various benefits for self-starters including the chance to set your schedule, unlimited earning potential, and self-satisfaction which comes from helping people in need.
Starting your own business requires a proper mindset and also paying attention to practical items which can lead to the success of your business. Below are several things you should consider if you are planning to embark in the insurance world.

1) Choose a Specialty

Deciding on the kind of insurance you want to specialize on is a good step to take on your new career path. Some of the specialties you can choose from include rental properties, homes, health and possessions.

2) Get a License

Once you have chosen a specialty, you should then get a license for the state in which you will be working in. The guidelines for insurance licensing can vary from one state to the other. However, most of the guidelines entail a written exam, fees and a commitment to continue learning about license renewal every few years.

3) Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Building a large customer base needs you to have strong customer service skills. Remember that you will mostly be dealing with people who are dealing with different crises in their lives. Being able to showcase how your products can meet their needs by sensitively conveying the message will build trust with your clients.

Andrew Kollmer

Andrew Kollmer teaches business management. His journey to management began in the 90’s when he had his first degree in computer science. After spending the early part of life as the head of technical support in various teams across the country, he took another step into management. He majored in business management from the University of Pennsylvania. He has a business column on the local newspaper where he shares his opinion on the local economy from time to time. He still contributes to tech forums and support groups, sharing his vast knowledge of computer operations. He is a keen follower of local politics and aspires to run for a political office someday. For now, he is fully committed to teaching.

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