Would You Want to Discuss Money Matters On a First Date? Well Millennials May, Says a Survey


Out of all the possible topics you can have on first date money is probably not one of them.

But there is a particular group which does not mind talking about it, and that is the millennials. According to a new survey conducted by Bankrate.com a group of people between the age of 23-38 said that they would be comfortable talking about money issues such as salary and their credit score during the first date.

Samantha Burns who is self-proclaimed millennial love expert says that one reason why millennials are willing and comfortable to talk about this taboo topic is that they are more money minded due to the rise in student loans and the 2008 financial crisis.

She said that millennials want to date wisely and are intentional about the kind of partner they choose. When it comes to a prospective partner’s financial responsibility can be a deal breaker or not.

62% of millennials think that knowing the credit score of a person can determine whether they will have future dates with them or not.

People want to know what it is they are getting into even before they start, says Amanda Dixon an analyst of Bankrate .com. The way you manage your money means a lot about how responsible you are and also it depicts your character. Hence people may want to find out if the person is reliable and trustworthy before they invest, money and time into the relationship.

Andrew Kollmer

Andrew Kollmer teaches business management. His journey to management began in the 90’s when he had his first degree in computer science. After spending the early part of life as the head of technical support in various teams across the country, he took another step into management. He majored in business management from the University of Pennsylvania. He has a business column on the local newspaper where he shares his opinion on the local economy from time to time. He still contributes to tech forums and support groups, sharing his vast knowledge of computer operations. He is a keen follower of local politics and aspires to run for a political office someday. For now, he is fully committed to teaching.

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