Are You in Need of Financial Therapy to Deal with Money Issues and Budget Fights with Your Partner?


Do you usually have money fights with your spouse? Are you a compulsive spender? Do you have issues with sticking to a budget that is if you have one? If so you might need financial therapy.

What’s Financial Therapy?

Financial therapy is like psychotherapy. However, instead of refining your mental state it aims in improving your financial state. It is aimed to help you behave positively and for the better with your money. If you have positive money experiences in your adulthood, then you will have a positive outlook about money when growing up and vice versa.

Do You Need Coaching or Therapy?

It is vital for you to note whether you need financial coaching or financial therapy. For example, financial planners aim at educating clients towards positive financial outcomes. Financial therapy mainly focuses on more profound psychological experiences problems which can result in money disorders.

Is Financial Therapy Good for You?

Do you and your spouse have communication problems? Do you or your partner cross their arms when one party is talking? Do you find yourself answering back to your partner in the middle of discussions? If you do, then that is one of the most prominent signs that you need financial therapy.
Also if you find that you or your spouse are hiding financial details such as a bank account from the other, then you need to see a financial therapist.

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