4 Common Mistakes Most People Make When Filing Their Tax Returns


The tax season commenced on January 28. However, most Americans are likely to wait until the deadline of April 15th to file their tax returns.
There are several mistakes which taxpayers make but which are avoidable. Avoiding some of these common mistakes can help you in getting your refund without a problem. Let’s look at some of these mistakes Americans usually make.

1. Sending Your Tax Returns Without the Correct Postage

If you are not among the many Americans who electronically file their returns, ensure that you use the correct postal address when sending in your return. Otherwise, if you put the wrong postal address, the postal office will send it back to you, and you may miss the April 15th deadline.

2. Sending Your Tax Return to the Wrong IRS Address

This is another common mistake which Americans do. There are various IRS offices located in different states and for different tax documents. If you make a mistake of sending your tax returns to the wrong IRS office, you may miss the deadline and delay on your refund.

3. Not Arranging Your Tax Return Documents in the Right Order

Organizing your tax documents in the wrong order can result in a delay of your refund. If you want to have an early refund, ensure that all your tax documents are in the right order.

4. Entering Income in the Wrong Box

Another avoidable but straightforward mistake which can raise eyebrows with the IRS is entering income in the wrong section.

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