Juliana Castro Boasts About San Antonio’s Diversity, Hospitality as Trump Sets to Visiting the City


On Wednesday San Antonio republic hopeful presidential candidate welcomed Trump, the man he hopes to challenge for the white house come next year.

Before the president arrived, Castro said in a press release that San Antonio prides itself for its hospitality and diversity in culture the opposite of what trumps stand for.

At the time of the press release, Castro was not anywhere near the president, but he was organizing an evening campaign event downtown that he called” peoples first rally.” The campaign was to make people aware of his undergoing interest in the presidency.

The rally marked a busy week for the hopeful democrat who was aspiring to stand out from the crowded democratic hopefuls. Various sitting US senators, Texan Beto O’ Rourke, and other present and previous office holders have joined the presidential race already.

Castro entered the presidential wagon in January, and he has since visited various states including a weekend and trip to California to boost his fundraising and his profile.

However, he has not achieved the 65,000 required individual donors needed to partake in the democratic debate stage in June. Castro came up with an immigration policy termed as “people first” which is supposed to contrast with trumps intentions of closing the southern border to prevent Mexicans from migrating into the US.

He said that he planned to create a fair and compassionate border policy which was to help the immigrants.

Hashri Cassey

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